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Author: issacc1965 Subject: Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok Thailand

Posts: 33
Registered: 04-14-2020

posted on 04-20-2020 at 18:40 Reply With Quote Report Post to Moderator
Bumrungrad International Hospital Bangkok Thailand

Something new within the last few years: medical vacations. Or call it medical tourism.

If you need a procedure done, and want to pay much less for it than you otherwise would in the United States, you might think of Bumrungrad Hospital in Thailand.

Aside from the fact that Bumrungrad is a magnificent hospital, and you can walk-in, see a doctor or dentist within minutes, be treated, obtain medications, all for a fraction of US costs, yes besides those greatly empowering advancements from what we are typically used to getting, Bumrungrad is in the center of Bangkok Thailand.

Thailand is a great vacation spot.

The idea is this: take the trip, pay for the medical stuff, and write off the rest of the trip. You end up with a great vacation and low cost medical attention at one of the best hospitals in Asia.
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